Scotch on a Budget

I swear that a good Scotch, purchased at a great price, tastes even better! Here are some pieces of advice on how to enjoy Scotch without breaking the bank.

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The Macallan (12 year)

Rich bodied, big sherry notes of red plums, canned apricots, and well-aged red wine.

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The Glenlivet (12 year)

A conundrum, the 12 year-old expression of The Glenlivet can be found in a surprising array of American retail outlets. The Glenlivet reveals a delicate balanced whisky with floral and citrus flavors, a bright fresh minerality, and a lingering sweetness. Nose is a limited range of sharp and herbal notes…

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Scotchy Scotch Scotch

This makes me laugh. Of course, I should complain about the stereotype of Scotch being the exclusive domain of old, pompous men… but now whenever my brother-in-law and I go have a dram, one of us inevitably quotes this caption and it causes much merriment. So here’s to you, John McCain and the anonymous Photoshopper […]

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Single-GRAIN Irish Whiskey? What?!

…This very well-made article-slash-promotional reel for the Irish whiskey company Cooley at Connsr Distilled includes a succinct history of the troubled Irish whiskey industry, and a description of Cooley’s line. But there is a shock (for me): Cooley’s makes a Single-GRAIN grain whiskey and bottles it under the name Greenore.

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Good Deals at Costco

So I’ve heard before that Costco has good deals on single-malt Scotch. I also discovered that you don’t need a membership to shop for liquor there. Just tell the gorilla at the door that you are only purchasing liquor and you can go right in. (Note: You actually have to stick to that – they […]

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Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

Body like liquid gold. Attack is heavy with clover honey, in both flavor and firmness of texture. It tastes like a glass of dessert wine on fire.

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Malt Maniacs 2010 Winners Announced

The Malt Maniacs just released their 2010 tasting awards. Pretty interesting read, even if most of the whiskies they tasted are so “ultra premium” that I’ll never see a bottle of it, let alone drink any… Still, of interest to Scotch Noobs like me is their winners in the “Daily Drams” (affordable) category. Reprinted here: […]

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Aberlour (10 year)

The palate is very similar to the a’bunadh, heavy on the sherry, a little oak, some cherry and citrus, not nearly as much burn, developing with more fruit on the tongue.

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