This Is What Is Wrong With The Whisky Industry

The future is a lot more bleak for Mr. Casual Drinker. I weep to think of the 90% of market share enjoyed by inexpensive blended whiskies, and the large number of those customers who might be so much happier drinking some of the artisanal bourbons, single-malt Scotches, and other fine whiskies of the world. – if only someone would give them a taste.

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Springbank 100 Proof (10 year)

Full bodied. Creamy. The 100 proof burn is present and intense, but gives way to roasted peanuts, rotisseried meat, salt and light oak. Not at all sweet. Springbank 100 is challenging and intriguing. I get new flavors every time I drink it.

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Tyrconnell 10 year Madeira Finish Irish Whiskey

The light flavors are very much in line with the 10 year age – bright and fruity. What’s surprising is how mellow and passive the alcohol burn is. Extremely easy-drinking. Nice dram

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Rittenhouse Rye 100 Proof

A tasty, satisfying dram. The smoky and peppery tobacco notes balance very well with the sweeter chai and brown sugar notes. It does not have the overbearing sweetness of some bourbons, nor the acrid dryness of some ryes. Not ground-breaking, but very much worth the price of a bottle.

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6 Ways to Find a Better Whisky Shop

With a little research, a little organization, and a little dedication, you can avoid paying ridiculous prices for good whisky.

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Book Review: Malt Whisky by Charles MacLean

It is also not a deep-dive in any area of whisky appreciation, and thus will not appeal to enthusiasts who already know a good deal about the making and enjoyment of whisky. However, as a coffee-table book or introductory text about Scotch whisky, it is an excellent resource for beginners or casual drinkers, and the photography alone is a good reason to flip through the book a few times.

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