Highland Park (18 year)

This is a versatile chameleon of a dram – sometimes fruity and light, sometimes peaty and brooding. While it may not be able to decide what it is, there’s no denying the quality of the flavors and the smoothness on the tongue. I recommend a few drops of water, which really make this dram dance.

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GlenDronach (12 year) “Original”

This is an exceptionally good sherried malt. Worlds better (I think) than The Macallan 12, at a similar price point. It has a continuous balanced savoriness that works perfectly with the sweet fruit elements inherent in sherry maturation – like a good spicy/sweet glaze on barbecued pork. Yum. If you have a spot in your daily dram rotation for an inexpensive sherried malt, get this one.

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Oban (14 year)

A satisfying dessert dram. Honeyed and full-bodied, it reminds me a lot of white port, but with more bite. It’s hard to imagine anyone not loving Oban 14. Leave off the water on this one, though.

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Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself…

Oliver over at dramming.com has posted a very concise list of basic information about Scotch whisky. I was planning to do a post like this of my own, but since Oliver has done it so much better that I could have, I’ll simply defer to his expertise: 10 Essential Things About Scotch Whisky Everybody Should Know.

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Tullamore Dew Original Irish Whiskey

There is nothing balanced or interesting in this, and a few drops of water don’t help. I would suggest using this one for mixed drinks, only.

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