Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey

I will admit freely that this tastes smoother and better than Jack Daniels’ regular offering. If you’re a Jack fan, give this a try, but there are plenty of better American whiskies available on the market at similar prices.

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GlenDronach 1994 K&L Exclusive

At $116 for 750ml, I can’t say I recommend that everyone run out and buy this. However, if you’re looking for a splurge and love complex, meaty sherried Speysiders, this one is hard to beat.

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Website Annoyances

Hello readers. Just a few quick updates for the site. First, if your name is Taylor and you recently submitted a comment via my comment form, I apologize that I have lost your email address. Please re-submit the contact form or re-send your query via email: nathan at Sorry about that! In related news, […]

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A.D. Rattray: Craigellachie (8 year)

Nicely complex. This whisky does not tow the line of Speyside style, instead branching out in eclectic ways. Raw cane? Anise and lime juice? I would not have pegged this as a sherried Speysider.

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A.D. Rattray: Macduff (10 year)

Not a great introduction to Macduff. It’s hard to say if the few unpleasant notes were a result of cask choice or simply reflect the distillery style. If I had spent $66 on a bottle of this, I might be disappointed. At least it’s cask strength and craft presentation.

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A.D. Rattray: Glen Ord (12 year)

I don’t really consider mild 12 year-old highlanders without complexity to be worth $60 a bottle, so I can’t say I would shell out for this. However, there are exactly zero flaws in the presentation here, and if you’re trying to check every distillery off your list, this one may be worth seeking out.

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Chivas Regal (12 year) Blended Scotch

Re-tasted from a full bottle instead of a 50ml miniature. If you want something you don’t have to pay attention to for less than $30, you can’t go too wrong with Chivas 12, but I urge regular Chivas drinkers to expand their horizons with an occasional bottle of sub-$40 single malt.

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Glenrothes ‘Vintage Moment’ Competition

I never win anything. Maybe one of you will, and I can experience it vicariously through you! Details below. You have until the end of January (31st) 2012.

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Compass Box Eleuthera

I’m not sure I would call this “easy drinking”, and I don’t think I would buy a bottle (if it were still available!). John did manage to achieve part of his goal: a big, peaty Caol Ila with a powerfully sweet highlander to give it some background.

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The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve

This is a guest post from Denis from He knows far more than I do about pairing cigars (and cigars in general), and does justice to the topic.

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