Ads Again

In an ongoing attempt to make this site pay for itself, I’ve joined a new (more respectable) ad network. Hopefully the impact to my loyal readers will be minimized, but please let me know via the Contact Form or via email at nathan (at) scotchnoob (dot) com if you see any objectionable content in the ads and would like me to moderate them. My intention is to eke a few dollars a month out of advertising to pay for hosting costs etc., not to get rich by annoying my visitors. Cheers!

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3 Responses to Ads Again

  1. Frank Whorton says:

    The ads are pretty unobtrusive and not annoying. Please keep up the good work! I like to hear what an independent voice thinks of some of the same whisky/whiskey I drink. And like you, I have a $100 limit.

  2. Ben says:

    So should all your loyal readers click on the adds? Maybe will help bring more whiskys?

  3. Thanks Frank and Ben.
    I appreciate the thought! No need to trouble yourself clicking on ads, though. I’ll continue reviewing whiskies, ad revenue or not. Cheers!

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