Guest Post: ‘Bourbontucky’ and the Booming Craft Liquor Business

Guest blogger Maria Ramos (@MariaRamos1889) has written an interesting guest post about the confluence of American craft spirits and modern entertainment media.

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Review: Whiskey Elements

On the face of it, it sounds silly. A $6 chunk of wood that promises to make your $20 whisky taste like $50 whisky? Yeah, OK, whatever. There is, however, some solid precedent behind the idea. So what’s the final word on Whiskey Elements?

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The Lost Rums

Bryan, as is his wont, does all kinds of crazy things to create these rums, including his usual voodoo involving oak barrels that somehow create super-aged and super-dark spirits in no time at all… Seriously, if you’ve ever even been remotely interested in dark rum, at least seek out a bottle of the Navy Style.

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Should I Go To a Whisky Show?

Should you go to a whisky show, convention, or expo? Some things to think about.

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Counterpoint: Stereotypes are Useful

I read this sort of thing frequently in blogs and from the mouths of whisky evangelists: “Blended whisky can be cheap, just like any stereotype can be true from time to time, but you can’t go around generalizing like that.” I’d like to offer a counterpoint.

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How I Write About Whisky

An explanation of the process I use to write whisky reviews and turn them into blog posts.

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Whiskies of the World Expo – San Jose – 2014 Wrap-up

A wrap-up of my experiences at Whiskies of the World Expo – San Jose – 2014

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Pricing Me Out Of the Market

…He also notes “I’d rather pay a little more for better quality, wouldn’t you?” which ordinarily I’d agree with. A large percentage of the opinions I post here on this blog are related to the value of whisky – finding better quality for a reasonable price. I’d far rather pay $45 for…

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Great King Street: Experimental Batches

Compass Box is doing something very cool. After the incredible success (due in no small part to its very high quality) of Great King Street: Artist’s Blend, the company is expanding its blended scotch selection under the Great King Street label.

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The Consistency Illusion

Is consistency just another whisky marketing ploy that turns out to be so much hogwash in the face of profits? Is the disappearance of available stock due to demand surge causing this severe a quality downslope, despite corresponding price increases? Is the quality degradation intentional, and being managed slowly over time in an attempt to keep consumers from noticing the “watering down” of their “consistent” products?

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