The Lost Rums

Bryan, as is his wont, does all kinds of crazy things to create these rums, including his usual voodoo involving oak barrels that somehow create super-aged and super-dark spirits in no time at all… Seriously, if you’ve ever even been remotely interested in dark rum, at least seek out a bottle of the Navy Style.

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Lost Spirits Umami

This certainly has the hallmarks of Bryan Davis’s work – funky and offbeat, its flavor pairings are just as unlikely (and just as successful) as salt with caramel and bacon with maple syrup.

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Lost Spirits – Leviathan II – Old Man And The Sea Cask

I wanted to see what happens when an already individualistic whiskey is singled out as a single-cask bottling for being even more individualistic! Either way, if you’re looking for variety and excitement in your whiskey, this place is a gold mine. Lost Spirits continues to create otherworldly spirit with truly alien characteristics.

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Distillery Visit: Lost Spirits

My visit to Lost Spirits distillery in Salinas, CA, and my first taste of their unusual peated American single malt whiskey.

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Lost Spirits Ouroboros

This is not whiskey you sit on the back porch and relax with. This is thinking whiskey. This whiskey challenges, coerces, and redefines itself. It beckons you to examine it deeper and then smacks you in the face with a sweaty gym sock.

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Tiers of Quality

Thoughts on Tiers of Quality in manufacturing, and how the same concept can be applied to the whisky industry, and how it affects a consumer’s ability to effectively spend his or her money on quality products.

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Book Review: The World Atlas of Whisky by Dave Broom

…that makes it my “desert island” whisky book, and the one I would recommend anchor any whisky lover’s library. If Dave Broom’s World Atlas of Whisky were a dram, I would definitely award it with a “Must Have” rating.

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Bourbon Still Confuses Me

Bourbon, although on the face of it a simple drink made only of corn, grains, water, yeast, oak, and time, it still has more capacity confuse than the ancient and (to some) arcane system of nomenclature used in Scotch distribution.

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Hazelburn (8 year)

The basic 8-year is priced quite high for its age, and for me occupies a no man’s land between affordability and cult appeal. If light whisky is your thing, you owe it to yourself to splurge on one of the expressions of Hazelburn. If you like robust and fully-flavored malts, steer clear.

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What does Grain Whisky taste like?

I’ve complained (often) about the hated specter of GRAIN WHISKY and the ruinous effect that it has on our lovely, pure single malt when blended by greedy profit-seeking conglomerates in their quest to dull the palates and wash the brains of innocent bar-goers the world round. *cough* Turns out that’s only half-true.

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