Lost Spirits Umami

This certainly has the hallmarks of Bryan Davis’s work – funky and offbeat, its flavor pairings are just as unlikely (and just as successful) as salt with caramel and bacon with maple syrup.

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Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

A big bourbon with a lot to offer. High-rye mashbill, and the resulting “spice cabinet” really permeates the experience. If you like baking spices in your whisky, you will LOVE this.

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W. L. Weller (12 year) Bourbon

There is a nice array of pleasant flavors and aromas, although just because this is a wheated recipe does not mean it bears much resemblance to Pappy Van Winkle 15. There just isn’t that much depth in the W.L. Weller. Still, for the money this is an easy-going sipper – an uncomplicated glass of bourbon, both with and without an ice cube.

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Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

While Old Fitz doesn’t bring anything exciting or original to the table, it has a good amount of heft (100 proof), some reasonably well-balanced flavors, an unobjectionable finish, and is light enough to mix a cocktail without dominating it.

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Henry McKenna K&L Single Barrel (10 year)

Cost $27 but drinks like a $45 bourbon. A hefty 100 proof gives weight, and the rye-inflected standard bourbon notes are all accounted for and in the proper proportions. I could wish for a little more silkiness in the body and a bit more caramel and less charcoal in the wood notes, but all around a decent workhorse whiskey. A few drops of water elevate it to a $55 bourbon. Did I mention it was $27?

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Old Grand-Dad Bourbon (40% ABV)

It’s not the most amazing bourbon in the world, but it’s light, refreshing, young, and vibrant. There are some interesting flavors and aromas, and except for its watery texture and low proof, it’s probably quite decent in a cocktail.

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Lost Spirits – Leviathan II – Old Man And The Sea Cask

I wanted to see what happens when an already individualistic whiskey is singled out as a single-cask bottling for being even more individualistic! Either way, if you’re looking for variety and excitement in your whiskey, this place is a gold mine. Lost Spirits continues to create otherworldly spirit with truly alien characteristics.

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Distillery Visit: Lost Spirits

My visit to Lost Spirits distillery in Salinas, CA, and my first taste of their unusual peated American single malt whiskey.

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Lost Spirits Ouroboros

This is not whiskey you sit on the back porch and relax with. This is thinking whiskey. This whiskey challenges, coerces, and redefines itself. It beckons you to examine it deeper and then smacks you in the face with a sweaty gym sock.

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Angel’s Envy Rye

This is a spice bomb and no joke. All of the usual rye character is present, in spades, with a healthy layer of caramelized sugary rum. The interplay is as natural as spices in cider, or brown sugar in spice cake.

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