ScotchNoob Ratings Explained

My goal with is to educate and spread the word about Scotch whisky in particular, and other whiskies in general. I also wish to share my own perspective and my own journey into the world of “brown spirits”. My aim is not to portray myself as any kind of authority on the subject, and I don’t want my ratings to be taken with anything but a grain of salt. Even if I say “Avoid this whisky at all costs!”, you should probably still find an opportunity to try it; maybe you’ll love it!

To that end, I have decided to eschew the standard 100-point rating system and instead rely on the following Review marks, which indicate my recommendation about whether something is worth trying or buying, based on my own skewed perspective.

– I’m right about this. Go buy a bottle NOW!
– You owe it to yourself to find a sample or buy a dram.
– You may like this – don’t pass by a chance to try it.
– Don’t buy it unless you’ve tried it first.
– I suggest not bothering with this, unless you’re curious.
– OMG avoid this like the plague! Really, I hated it.

No, it’s not precise, and it’s not useful when comparing against other ratings on the web. If you want to know how I really feel about a whisky, read my tasting notes because an “89/100” wouldn’t have told you anything useful anyway. Someday I may publish 100-point scores, but not until I’ve tried a few thousand spirits and can give consistent, reliable ratings.