More Deals from K&L

Another great deal from K&L, posted today.

Auchentoshan Classic is a great value, and an inexpensive way to enjoy subtle, lightly-flavored single malt. It’s also one of the few Lowlanders left. For now, grab it at K&L for only $24, normally it’s $30.

I’ve never had the Bowmore Legend, but I hear good things about it as a cheap way to introduce yourself to peated malts. It’s reportedly mild (for a whisky from Islay). I bought a bottle as soon as I saw the price: $24.

I love great deals on scotch!

Update 11/1/2012: Dalwhinnie 15 for $42 instead of $50. This replaces the Oban 18 deal from last week. A decent price drop for a competent (although I’ve never found it exciting) whisky.

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  • The bowmore legend is fantastic for the price. Definite traditional bowmore characteristics, but not necessarily the complexity of the older ones. For $25, great drinking when you don’t want to have to think a lot about what’s in front of you.