The Scotch What?

Welcome! I am the Scotch Noob.

The What?

Oh, sorry. Noob is a meme: a common abbreviation for “newbie,” meaning a new user. I’m a newcomer to the venerable world of Scotch whisky, and I am publishing this blog to share my journey with… well, anyone willing to read it. I hope to provide a fresh outlook on whisky made in Scotland, as well as other whiskies and whiskeys made all over the world. I’d like to penetrate the stereotype of the Scotch Drinker as stuffy older gentleman with an ascot and a tee time. Every day, new twenty- and thirty-somethings are waking up to the satisfying world of Scotch as age demographics of Scotch drinkers are skewing ever lower. You don’t have to own a smoking jacket, or play Whist in order to enjoy Scotch, and (believe it or not) you don’t have to break the bank either.

So please join me on my journey as I taste affordable (< $100) Scotch and whiskey, share my tips and research, and discuss the ever-evolving international marketplace of malted liquor. Also, feel free to contact me and share your own Scotch stories and favorites.

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