World Whisky Forum 2022

A quick note for those interested: the 4th international World Whisky Forum will be held in June this year (2022) at Stauning Distillery in Denmark. This year´s overall theme is Sustainability and the moderator, as in previous years, is Dave Broom. There will be around 70 tickets for those who want to attend in person …

Driscoll’s Back!

My long-time readers will know that I owe a lot of my passion for spirits (as well as the bulk of my knowledge) to former K&L Wine Merchants blogger and Spirits Buyer, David Driscoll. Driscoll dropped out of the booze scene a few years ago to pursue some other projects, much to basically everybody’s chagrin. …

The Tariffs

I’m not going to go into much depth here or give any opinions, I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who hasn’t already heard: The US, in an ongoing spat with the EU over airline subsidies, has announced – in retribution – a set of tariffs against retail products imported from the …

Wee Dram YouTube Channel

Reader Gordon contacted me earlier this year to get my feedback on a series of videos that he had put together with his drinking buddy Johnathan. Gordon does an endearing, rambling style of video whisky review that makes me feel like I’m sitting around the firepit with him, chatting about our favorite subject over a dram. His perspective is refreshing and the videos are artfully composed. … I highly recommend checking out their channel and giving them a “Subscribe” to show a little support if you like their content.


I was contacted recently by the owner of a new “box” subscription company, HWis-KEE Box. Try typing that three times fast. These box subscriptions have been all the rage lately, with boxes containing a curated assortment of everything from junk food to vegetables, clothing, themed merchandise, personal hygiene products and now (at last!), stuff to help you drink your whisky.