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Reader Gordon contacted me earlier this year to get my feedback on a series of videos that he had put together with his drinking buddy Johnathan. Gordon does an endearing, rambling style of video whisky review that makes me feel like I’m sitting around the firepit with him, chatting about our favorite subject over a dram. His perspective is refreshing and the videos are artfully composed. They also do a little light “unboxing”, which I think is a fun part of the whisky experience that often gets glossed-over. I highly recommend checking out their channel and giving them a “Subscribe” to show a little support if you like their content.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but no I am not receiving any compensation of any kind for this – I just like these guys and I like what they’re putting out. Cheers!

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  • Thanks so much to the Scotch Noob for this support. We are extremely grateful. To any readers who click on the link and check out our work – please keep in mind that it is very much a work in progress. The early videos are a bit unpolished and I say some shockingly ignorant things. As we progress you will notice that we are developing our tasting and editing skills – and you will see our bar and outdoor space evolve too. Please send any critical feedback – as we aim to improve the quality of our episodes.

  • You just got a new subscriber. Brolic Whiskey (podcast/blog) will be starting the Youtube channel soon too. Previous footage had to get scrapped as I take on a new co-host so we’re starting from square one again. Don’t apologize for being unpolished….we’re going to be the same at first. Nobody wakes up an expert, only experience can do that. Trial by fire.

    I also just wrote a blog and podcast mentioning Scotch Noob: https://brolicwhiskey.weebly.com/blog/whats-with-the-name-brolic-whiskey