Whisky Infographic

A quick little mid-week diversion: The folks at Invaluable have put together a fun whisky infographic for beginners, along with a coherent introduction (of sorts) to whisky for my fellow noobs out there. I was happy to provide them some feedback and correct a few errors, and so they credited me as a contributor. Here’s a peek at the infographic, click on it for more.

A Week Off

… So many distilleries and expressions to try, so much innovation yet to occur and innovative products yet to be released, and so many chances to re-learn how truly little I know about our favorite drink. Perhaps that’s what originally tempted me to the world of whisky, and what keeps me captivated still: The vast breadth and inexhaustible depth of the possibility space that is whisky. …

New Theme!

Well, after four and a half years of using the same theme that I launched with, I’ve finally entered the modern era. I present: The New Scotch Noob dot com! It really shouldn’t look too different, as I wanted to keep my basic look-and-feel, but the site has a lot more bells and whistles, and is (finally) mobile device friendly! Pull up scotchnoob.com on your mobile phone or tablet and you should have a much better experience than before.

New Sponsor!

Just dropping a quick line to say that scotchnoob.com has a new sponsor! 1776.co hand-stitched leather-wrapped stainless steel flasks. I think these are the nicest flasks I’ve seen online or anywhere, and come with a lifetime guarantee. From their site: A flask has always been the perfect gift for celebrating life’s best moments and greatest …