2015 Whisky Blogger of the Year?

Well, I’ve been nominated by the board from the International Whisky Competition as one of the 25 best whisky bloggers!

The winner will be crowned Blogger of the Year during the 2015 International Whisky Competition and awarded a Medal.

Selection process:

1 – Votes from the public will be registered via email. Whisky fans submit (single entry) the name of their preferred whisky blogger.

Why vote? Five lucky voters will receive a copy of the new 2016 International Whisky Guide, featuring the whiskies tasted during this year’s International Whisky Competition.

2- Voters will narrow the list to 5 top bloggers (by number of votes). The finalists will need to submit what they think is their best article/post/podcast of 2014-2015 for review by the International Whisky Competition Tasting Panel.

3- The judges will vote for what they think is the best article/post or podcast. The Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 25.

Update 4/20/2015: Unfortunately, I was not among the top 5 blogs this year. Oh well, maybe next year. Thanks for voting!

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