Issue #3 of World Whisky Review

Issue #3 of connosr’s World Whisky Review e-magazine, edited by celebrated whisky writer Dominic Roskrow, hit the virtual stands a few days ago, and it’s packed full of information about new distilleries and up-and-coming whisky producers in the ‘new world’ (outside Scotland, Ireland, and the USA). I’m salivating over the descriptions of Copper Fox’s new whiskies – smoked with fruit wood?! yes please! Take a look… it’s free!

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  • I stumbled upon Wasmund’s Single Malt about 4 years ago. It was actually the first whiskey I drank neat. The fruit wood really adds a distinct character. It’s not an every day drinker in my opinion, but it still has a place in my bar (when I can find it). The last few bottles I have had have been aged at 16 months, and I salivate at getting something around 4 years old eventually. Although, I wonder if they would use their “flavor packs” in the barrel with something aged longer? I’ve become a rye lover over the last year and would love to try their rye whiskey as well.

    • Yeah, I’m going to keep my eyes open for their latest releases here in California. I’m not much into white dogs, but give an American craft whisky a few years in a quality barrel and I’m interested. Also, I’m a big fan of this kind of innovation. Fruit wood smoke and mashing rye with malted barley… why is nobody else doing this!?

  • What is Dewar’s White Label? It’s much better than nothing on a Friday evening flight out of O’Hare after you’ve raced through rush hour traffic to get to the airport. But that’s about all it is.