Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon (9 year)

After the dismal showing of that Kirkland (Costco) bottling of Beam bourbon, which I had hoped was a value bottling of Knob Creek, I found myself craving the real thing. The stuff may come from the same Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky, but it’s worlds different to my taste buds.

Knob Creek, a Beam brand, was created by bourbon legend and Beam master distiller Booker Noe in 1992. It’s aged longer than most bourbons (9 years), and bottled at a respectable 100 proof. It’s part of Beam’s “Small Batch” collection. See the link above for my thoughts on the “Small Batch” term.

Update 3/15/2021: I’ve re-reviewed this bourbon here.

Nose: Deeply caramelized sugar, heavy oak, molasses, and a maraschino cherry on top. This definitely benefits from a rest in the glass – the notes meld better and mellow. Now I get a little rye eucalyptus and pine sap, and some gentler malt and marshmallow notes.

Palate: Well rounded, with a spike of cherry tartness. Not cloyingly sweet, but barrel sugars and corn sweetness are evident. Still heavy on the wood, but the effect is bracing rather than astringent.

Finish: Long. A little of the pine sap comes back, along with corn-syrup candies (caramel corn), and a little drying wood tannin and some barbeque char. Little to no bitterness.

With Water: At 100 proof, this is intended to be mixed with something (water, ice, or vermouth and bitters). A few drops of water are effective at rounding off the edges and smoothing out the whole operation. I don’t detect any additional aromas or flavors, but the water doesn’t hurt, and does tame the burn.

Overall: A pleasant, forthright bourbon. It is oaked right up to the maximum of effectiveness (any more would be like chewing on bark), and delivers standard bourbon flavors with balance and without any off notes. Cheap enough (and the right ABV) for mixing, widely available, and robust enough to enjoy by the glass. You could certainly do worse than this for a house bourbon. Some of my best Manhattans and Old Fashioneds were made with Knob Creek.

Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon (9 year)
50% ABV
ScotchNoob™ Mark:
Price Range: $26 - $32
Acquired: (750ml bottle) Beverages & More, San Jose, CA, $29

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  • Ever since first trying this at Olive Garden for $5(pretty good for a glass), this has been my go to bourbon for keeping around. I generally only drink it by the glass, but I’ve made a couple really nice whiskey sours with it.

  • This is a pretty good bourbon line. I’ve had the single barrel bottled at 60% and I quite enjoy it. Bug even richer and more awesome is Booker’s. Which, I might add, I drink straight.

  • The Knob Creek Single Barrel is head and shoulders above the regular Knob Creek. I have quite a bit of bourbon, but I always go to the Single Barrel for special occasions or when I want to do some serious tasting. If you’ve given the regular KC a “must try,” I suspect you’d give the KC SB a “must have”!

  • Just tried this – I liked it, but I personally didn’t think of it as a ‘Must Try’ – But hey, that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.

  • I recently expanded my collection from just Scotch to include some other whisk(e)y and Knob Creek was one of them… I have Knob Creek and Eagle Rare. After dismissing bourbon in a somewhat Scotch snobbish way for quite a while, i have to say I was wrong. I find the Knob Creek to be outstanding and has now become a go-to whiskey that will always be on my shelf… in the same way I will never be out of Lagavulin or Balvenie .

  • My favorite bourbon. Haven’t tried the single barrel but I probably will at some point. KC makes my favorite Rye as well. Can’t be beat for the price and I always have a bottle. If you like this one, try Rare Breed, or even WT 101. I thought they had some similarities, but I’m no expert.