Guest Post: Romeo Y Julieta Cigars with Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey

This week, please welcome guest author Cory Grover, from Famous Smoke Shop, who is paring a Romeo Y Julieta cigar with Bushmills Black Bush blended Irish whiskey. Cheers! -SN

The Perfect Pair: Romeo Y Julieta Cigars with Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey

Enjoying a well-balanced, high quality cigar and sipping on an Irish whiskey is a classic, sophisticated combination. These two go together, whether a special moment is to be commemorated or you’re looking for the perfect end to an enjoyable evening. Pairing cigars and whiskey is a true adventure for a connoisseur. Many people have tried different combos through time and have always discovered new flavors and possibilities that work exceptionally well together. The following review will focus on trying cigars alongside whiskey, knowing how to enjoy those and giving a particular classic combination a try.

History of Cigars and Whiskey Pairing

According to an old story, the pairing between cigars and whiskey started in the beginning of the 19th century, during the Napoleonic Wars. British and Spanish forces united to defeat France and the partnership gave birth to the splendid cigar and whiskey combination. The British brought Irish whiskey to the table and Spaniards contributed with the amazing Cuban cigars. Ever since, the trend has spread. Nowadays, people still enjoy a good cigar and whiskey pairing, discovering the richness and the depth of the two alongside each other.

How to Pair Cigars and Whiskey

Pairing cigars and whiskey has its own rules. Certain tobacco types and certain cigar varieties are suitable for pairing with specific whiskey types. The most important thing to remember is that the pair has to result in a balanced flavor. The specific strength of a cigar shouldn’t overpower the whiskey flavor. The two need to complement each other. The best combination usually involves a heavy whiskey that’s paired with a strong, full-bodied cigar. Full-bodied cigars having a strong scent are the perfect choice for matured whiskey varieties. If you are a light cigars aficionado and prefer mild-bodied cigars, choose fresh whiskey types.

The Perfect Pair

This pair is great because of a very simple reason – traditional, quality cigar manufacturing meets whiskey traditions from the heart of Ireland. ROMEO by Romeo Y Julieta is a bold and robust cigar made of the finest tobacco from the Dominican Republic. The dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper gives you notes of subtle sweetness like molasses. The full bodied strength and high quality flavors of Romeo Y Julieta cigars enhance the decadent flavor of the distinguished blend of Bushmills, and vice versa.

Romeo and Julieta Cigar Varieties

Romeo and Julieta is one of the most prominent cigar manufacturing companies among individuals that love quality tobacco products. The first Romeo and Julieta stick was crafted in Cuba in 1875. The Cuban embargo moved the blend production to the Dominican Republic. The Romeo and Julieta brand has managed to preserve traditional handmade cigar practices, combining quality fillers, binders, and wrappers. Famous Smoke Shop features a number of premium Romeo Y Julieta Cigars. The strengths of these hand crafted cigars vary from mild through medium and to full-bodied sticks like this one. These quality cigars will bring about a great aroma that will bring back memories of this great combination.

Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey Tasting Notes:

Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey, made with triple-distilled malt blended with lighter grain whiskey. The special flavor of the Black Bush comes from the maturing process that continues for seven years in Spanish oloroso sherry casks and sweet bourbon barrels. This whiskey contains the perfect proportion of 80 percent malt and 20 percent grain. The smooth feel of this whiskey is experienced right from the first sip. The beginning notes are light and spicy, followed by sherry sweetness. The sweet flavors are long-lasting and they continue evolving.

The Pairing

The Full body of the Romeo Y Julieta cigar is a perfect match for Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey. The medium to full-bodied flavored cigars in the line balance perfectly with the fruit-rich aroma and sherry sweetness of the whiskey.

Full-bodied cigars known for having a rich flavor and robust smoke will be ideal for a glass of whiskey. The combination of the two will excite the senses with bold flavors, hidden notes and a delicious balance. The balance comes from the strong specifics of the whiskey and the cigars. The robust flavors and smooth aroma of Romeo Y Julieta cigars work perfectly with the texture of Bushmills Whiskey. The result is a unique smoking experience due to the strong cigars and strong whiskey pairing. Both brands complement each other, bring the pros of the two products to the center stage.

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  • Nice review. I think Blackbush uses a small portion of corn grain too. I’ve had about 5 bottles and batches varried with me. Review above sounds a batch I’ve enjoyed. Other batch I had was just too spirity I could not catch any flavor. Another the sherry sweetness I bit too unclean.

  • Heyo! I’ve read a number of entries on the Internet extolling cigar and whiskey pairing, but they all seem to focus on un-peated whiskey. Any advice on pairing with a peated spirit?

    • Hey Ryan,
      What I’ve read has said that the smokiness of the peat will either clash with the cigar (creating off-flavors) or be totally washed-out by it, leaving the whisky tasting bland. You generally want sweet flavors in a whisky to balance the smoke and tobacco notes in the cigar. You could try a Highland Park, which is both sweet and has floral peat that isn’t particularly smoky, or any Islay malt that is also aged in sherry casks (maybe Lagavulin 16 or a sherried Bowmore). Of course, any kind of “pairing” advice is subjective and usually only generally applicable – there will always be exceptions. For example, generally red wines and blue cheeses pair badly because some combination of compounds creates an awful coppery “metallic” taste, but there are a very few specific red wines and blue cheeses that are very nice together and lack the metallic effect. Similarly, I’m sure there’s some Islay malt and some specific cigar that are magical together… it would just be the exception to the rule-of-thumb. Cheers!

  • I will have to try this pairing. I love how you give the history of pairing as well as how to pair the two. Thanks for sharing!