No post this week

There will be no post this week, as it’s my birthday and I’m going to spend it drinking whisky instead of analyzing it. I’m not going to go off on a riff about how sometimes you need to forget the scores and drama and what’s on the label and just enjoy your whisky, because I don’t really feel that way. Often, half of the experience of enjoying a whisky is knowing what went into it, how it was made, and what makes it special. On the flip side, half of what can go into destroying the experience of drinking whisky is obsessing over what went into it, how it was made, and what dirty corporate lies were told to make it seem special. Damned if you do…

Drink some whisky this week. Don’t think about it too hard.

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  • Happy birthday, Noob. Make it a good one! Funny thing – when I want to drink whisky and not think too much about it; i.e., (a) not pause 10+ minutes to give the dram a chance to open up before diving in, (b) not spend time and energy determining what pairing in my collection I haven’t tried before and would make for an interesting and challenging analytical compare and contrast, and (c) not make the effort to carefully and methodically set out multiple Glencairn glasses and a water dropper…I drink bourbon! That was the case last night and I executed that plan with a highly satisfying class of Bookers (130 proof) over ice. Cheers.

  • Happy Birthday Noob! Hope you get a chance to relax and come back with more reviews that involve sherry monsters murdering light whisky in closets and Talisker getting drunk at the office Christmas party and embarrassing the accountants (Johnnie Walker) by photocopying it’s arse and demanding everybody sing along to Journey.

    In short, I hope you have a fun birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Noob. Thanks for your blog. Even though your tastebuds are more discerning than mine, I find your reviews a useful resource.
    Echoing Bill above, I’ll be hitting some Speyside distilleries in about a week. I’ve used your blog as one of my tour-planning resources. Thanks again–and cheers!

  • Couldn’t help but notice that you mentioned your birthday, but not how old you are. Another example of someone pandering to the NAS trend. I guess I’ll say Happy Birthday, Noob. Really, the only assumption I can safely make is that you’re over 3 years old. After that, your age is anyone’s guess; the fact that you don’t list it means you probably are trying to hide something. Sad.

  • Happy Birthday Noob. Enjoy yourself. It really doesn’t matter what you drink, it only matters if you enjoy it. Cheers, Prost or whatever you say before having a dram.
    Happy Birthday.

  • Happy birthday Noob! Really appreciate all you’ve done here. If it wasn’t for you – I don’t think I’d be anywhere as far along on my Scotch journey as I am. Cheers!

  • You’re a good man, thank you for continuing to invest in your whiskey blog. I’m new to the game and rely on your reflections as my starting point. Happy birthday and thank you!