Website Annoyances

Hello readers. Just a few quick updates for the site. First, if your name is Taylor and you recently submitted a comment via my comment form, I apologize that I have lost your email address. Please re-submit the contact form or re-send your query via email: nathan at Sorry about that!

In related news, I have banished my old contact form plugin and installed a new one. Hopefully it will work a little better, and will stop telling people that fire is not, in fact, hot.

Lastly, some might notice that the unsightly ads are gone. Unfortunately, since the subject matter of my site drives people to drink (literally), Google does not think that I deserve to do advertising business with them. That relegates me to the same ad networks as those used by less-savory sites, and that results in a very low-class sort of ad. I’ve ditched the whole thing, and will attempt to earn my hosting costs via direct ad sales instead. As always, any sponsored content will be marked as such, and there will be no more Russian women available to meet via my sidebar.

Thanks readers, and scroll down for today’s post about A.D. Rattray’s Craigellachie (8 year).

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