Nth Whisky Show 2013 – Las Vegas

The Universal Whisky Experience event, now in its third year, is coming up in March 2013. Last year’s show made a big splash in the media for its over-the-top budget, ridiculously pricy pours, and matching ticket price. This year is no different. The show caters largely to the whisky aficionados and collectors with money to burn (the cheapest ticket is $275, and the “VIP” ticket $2295). Follow the link for more info. David D. over at K&L had a lot of nice things to say about last year’s event. If you’re interested in going, and you’re a K&L customer, he may be able to get you a discount too.

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  • Scotch Noob

    I’m reporting back from the Las Vegas Nth Whisky Experience. I had an amazing time and would recommend this to anyone who can attend. I live in Las Vegas so the only expense for me was the $525 ticket price. Before I get in to it I would like to say that “NO” I am not wealthy or well off. I put aside a little money here and there over the course of several months to attend this event.
    First off I was greeted by the event master mind Mahesh Patel. He personally shook every attendees hand and thanked them for attending. I was handed a “swag bag” with my Glencairn glass and many other gifts and walked off to attend my first class “Shacklton’s Journey” presented by the one and only Richard Paterson. Mr. Paterson is just awesome by the way! The next class I took was the Johnnie Walker Jubilee class. Sadly no tastings but a very interesting story none the less.
    Next up was the main event. So many high end drams so little time. I was getting a bit lit up so I started spitting out any sample under 25 years old. I know this seems odd but trust me I had to. Just to give you a quick example I walked up to the Glenfarclas booth and said “I have never tried your whisky before” The man looked at me grabbed a bottle of Glenfarclas 1972 and said “Try this”. Once I tried it (by the way he didn’t skimp on the pour! I got about an ounce) he reached over to the 40 year and says “Now this”. Keep in mind this was NOT my “super pour”. This happened to me a lot during the event.
    I could go on and on but I would like to say this. The Nth Whisky Experience was amazing and well worth the high price tag. I didn’t walk away from the event thinking I got screwed in any way. I feel like I got well worth my money. The staff and all the vendors reinforced that the people attending were the elite whisky drinkers and they treated you like it! I got to meet so many interesting people, product ambassadors, owners, and descendants of whisky makers it was crazy.
    I also attended some of the Master Classes the next day. At $55 a class again you get your money worth! I wanted to mention this because they are fun and you walk out well educated, a nice buzz and into an amazing sandwich bar to clear your head and your pallet before walking off into the next class.
    Anyways keeping this short….. GO TO THIS EVENT! If time and money allow me to go next year I will be attending. This was so much fun and well worth the hefty price tag (the High Roller attendees spend around $2,000 a ticket and they all said it was worth the price and then some). I fully recommend this to anyone who loves whisky!



    • Justin,
      Awesome report! I’m glad you enjoyed the event – someday I’d love to go, and I may try to plan a family trip to Vegas to “coincide” with the Nth 😀 I totally understand about spitting – at WhiskyFest SF I had the exact same issue (although my cutoff was 18 years, considering the venue, and I spit out anything cask strength) – if you try to drink everything you’d be blacked out on the floor before an hour’s up. 🙂 Cheers, and thanks for the report!