Oban 18 for $78! UPDATED

Deal alert! Oban 18 for $78 a bottle (it’s usually $100 or so) at K&L for limited time.

First, Go here to order a bottle.

Then, Read this and this to find out why this price is so low in the midst of so many global price increases in the scotch whisky market. David’s either lost his mind, or he’s out on a Robin Hood-esque crusade to fight against the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham whisky producers and their dastardly price hikes. Either way – Oban 18 for $78. Go get it.

Also: 1995 Glenrothes for $52

I recommend both of these whiskies – they both have evident quality and at these prices are definitely great values.

Update 10/31/2012: The Oban 18 was apparently too good AND true – it’s sold out. You can still snag the 1995 Glenrothes at the $52 price, however, while it lasts. Also, see more great deals just announced.

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  • Thanks for the tip! I am moving to a new house soon and needed something nice to celebrate the move in. Great price.