Single-GRAIN Irish Whiskey? What?!

So this very well-made article-slash-promotional reel for the Irish whiskey company Cooley at Connsr Distilled includes a succinct history of the troubled Irish whiskey industry, and a description of Cooley’s line. I always do like hearing a whiskeymaker talk about his/her product, because it gives you an insight into the production of a spirit, and the goals the blenders or distillers had in mind. I like to hear what kind of barrels, what kind of water, and what methodology is used to produce a nice product. This company makes Connemara, a respectable peated single-malt in the Scottish style, The Tyrconnell, another single-malt, and a few blends such as Kilbeggan.

But there is a shock (for me): Cooley’s makes a Single-GRAIN grain whiskey and bottles it under the name Greenore. Yes, that’s GRAIN whiskey (usually the bane of all blends, to my mind), column-distilled, not blended with malt whiskey, and instead aged for 8 years in first-fill bourbon casks. This is madness! I must try some…

[Update: Cooley is no longer independent: it has been purchased by international drinks company Beam Global.]

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