Note: Brands that start with "The" such as "The Glenlivet" and "The Macallan" are alphabetized with the "T"s.

Highland Park Magnus

Highland Queen “Majesty” Single Malt (12 Year)

Highland Queen “Majesty” Single Malt (16 Year)

Hirsch “The Horizon” Bourbon

Hirsch Small Batch Bourbon

Hochstadter’s Rye

Hyde No. 3 “The Áras Cask” 6 Year-old Irish Single Grain Whiskey

Hye-Land Armenian Whiskey 12 year

I.W. Harper Bourbon

Inchmurrin (12 year)

Isle of Jura (10 year) (43% Presentation)

Isle of Jura (16 year)

Isle of Skye (8 year)

J.H. Cutter Whiskey

J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Rye Whisky

J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Whisky (18 year)

Jack Daniel’s “Tennessee Tasters’ Selection” Barrel Proof Rye

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

James E. Pepper 1776 100-Proof Rye

James E. Pepper 1776 Barrel Proof Rye

James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon

Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon

Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon

Jim Beam “Pre-Prohibition Style” Rye

Jim Beam Double Oak

Jim Beam Original (White Label)

John Barr Reserve Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Black Label (12 year) Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Green Label (15-year)

Johnnie Walker Island Green

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (18-year) Blended Scotch

Johnnie Walker Rye Cask Finish (10 year)

Johnnie Walker Song of Ice

Johnnie Walker White Walker

Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon

Jura Superstition

Kaiyō Japanese Mizunara Oak

Kentucky Owl Straight Rye (11 year)

Kentucky Vintage Bourbon

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